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Holland & Knight

We challenge you to figure out what these legalese cryptic messages
would mean to you if they arrived to your mailbox

Here are the hints:
1.- The first is an envelope from a legal firm you've never heard of 

2.- The second is an unexpected letter in which there is no mention of anything related to you or your property 

3.- The third is an enclosure of a notice cut out from the Newton Tab about a project named
"Definitive Plan of Land, Proposed Carlson Ave Extension (Private Way)"

None of these messages contains your name, your address, or the matter at hand with any clarity 


Here's your second chance!
Almost eight months later, you get some more messages, apparently from unrelated sources.


1.- The first is another notice, this time without any accompanying letter, and no explanation of why you are getting them 

2.- The second is even more unrelated letter on Conservation matters 

3.- The third is a letter from a developer you never heard before, with no indication of how his project will affect you. 
Read it, you could only guess it's a promotional letter for a new condo development


Trivia Question

If you'd received the above letters, would you consider yourself notified of this?

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