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Is it true that all happy cities are alike while unhappy cities are unhappy each in its own way?

Residents of Newton might think it is only in their city a church can buy a parcel of woodlands and then bulldoze most of the trees away. In Newton the Mormon Church plans to destroy trees not only to build the house of worship and the parking lot needed for the religious service (about 60 cars). They plan to destroy many more trees to build the parking lot for 210 cars in case they need it for events like weddings.

We will investigate if something similar happens in other parts of the world, and in what cities in what kind of countries by which churches.

One such church is the Russian Orthodox Church, known now for its support of Putin's regime, which decided to build a church instead of a park in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Please contact us if you know about other cases where a church tries to destroy nature's green space for the name of God, as they understand it.

We expect to see that in democratic countries where city governments are elected by and are subject to the wills of the city residents, the local governments heed the residents' requests.

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