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Who pays the price for

LDS ChurcH presence in newton?

"“The Mormon Church has received subdivision approval from the city to build on the parcel of land they own. They have not, however, filed any specific building or site plans with the city...." Ellen Ishkanian, director of community communications for the mayor’s office, quoted on Jan. 23, 2018 at ( )

John Bezzant, project manager with church’s meetinghouse facilities department, said that the LDS church "would be able to hold more than 200 people".  After that the LDS Church announced plans to build a garage for 210 cars.

The next step of LDS church policy of growth is the bulldozing of most of 5.6 acres of woodlands that currently serves as a buffer zone between the Carlson Ave and the Oak Hill Park neighborhood.  This would leave residents of nearby communities with the perfect storm for years to come: 

- A legacy of blatant land overdevelopment


- Even more traffic to what is a top 5% crash hotspot in the Boston metro area in 2018


- Heightened risk of flooding

- The loss of a long treasured wildlife habitat

THIS IS THE PLAN FOR THE FIRST PHASE OF BULLDOZING MOST OF 5.6 ACRES (60' setbacks will preserve some of that green space)

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