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It is stated in the Declaration of Independence that the government is given power by the consent of the people and that all people have certain rights (to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) that can't be taken away. ... When the government fails to protect these rights, the people have no choice but to remove that government and replace it with a government that will do its job and protect the people's rights.


How well our city government officials serve the residents that elected them and protect their right ? Let us find out and let our opinion known!

And if they do not - in our democratic country our government at any level (federal, state or local) is elected by the people.


Let us evaluate the work of the members of the City Government - the mayor, councilors and administrative staff they appoint and award all of them accordingly, by adding the names to one of two buckets: 

  • OHNO's Hall of Fame, or

  • OHNO's Hall or Shame

There is one certain way how somebody can easily find herself or himself in the Hall of Shame - ignoring residents requests.

We will try to be as objective as we can when determining the will of the people and when analyzing complex issues of the city development and different opinions that different people have about those issues.

Vacancies available

Vacancies available

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