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Lost Habitat

If the City of Newton doesn't stop destroying their homes, more and more wildlife will continue to roam on its streets (and be added to the WWF's list of "critically endangered species")

The City of Boston cares enough about open spaces and wild, wooded areas that it has saved an area of woods and wetlands right below Oak Hill Park. Like Carlson Ave Woods, this wild, open space is not a walkable park—but the City of Boston thinks it has value as a teaching tool and natural habitat for plants and animals. Not walkable does not mean not worth saving. 

Should we expect less from Newton City Hall?

The site is right next to Roxbury Latin High School              Cattali Marsh                           Maple


Five species of plants and animals on the WWLF "critically endangered" list live in and around Carlson  Woods. Ripping out almost 6 acres of trees, undergrowth, a possible vernal pool will eliminate their natural habitat. 


Here are three of them: 

Blue-spotted Salamander


Britton’s Violet


Umber Shadow Dragon

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