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"Open space is one of the aspects of Newton that makes it a great place to live. We are fortunate that past generations of Newton activists had the foresight to recommend the preservation of key parcels of land and that past generations of elected officials had the good sense to follow those recommendations.”


Crash Hotspot

“Improving safety for all will mean that the city will have to look carefully at intersections —where most of our crashes occur.”

Flood Risk

“Preserving open space plays a critical role in protecting the
environment. It reduces pollutants in our storm drain system; lowers the likelihood of street flooding; provides wildlife habitat, and reduces greenhouse gasses.”



“The opportunity to preserve open space does not come along every day, and once a parcel is developed, it’s almost always gone forever. That is why preservation of appropriate open space in general ...has always been a top priority of mine.”

Garden City

“As the ‘Garden City’, we justifiably have high expectations when it comes to promoting sustainability, preserving green and open space, and protecting our environment.”

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