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Concerns about Overdevelopment

Letter to City Clerk from OHNO!

Mr. David A. Olson
City Clerk
Newton City Hall
1000 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, MA. 02459
Via Email:

Dear Mr. Olson,
The residents of Ward 8 are very concerned about the impact on our neighborhood of two proposed construction projects; the Mormon Church meeting house and parking lot on five acres of land along Carlson Avenue and Northland Development’s 22+ acres planned for Needham Street.


We believe further study is required before these projects are approved by the City Council, the Land Use Committee and the Planning Department.

On behalf of Ward 8, the Oak Hill Neighborhood Organization (OHNO!) raised the money from neighbors for an independent traffic engineer to review the afore-mentioned projects. 

Attached is the report prepared by Mr. Kim Hazarvartian of TEPP LLC. We request that you record this document into the City records and distribute the report to all 24 city councilors.

Yours sincerely,
Pamela Burton
149 Wiswall Road
Newton, MA. 02459
enc: (2)
cc: Barney Heath, Director of Planning & Development 

Letter to Mayor and Councilors of Newton

The fight to

Save Newton continues!


Mayor of Newton, 

Newton Councilors,

City Clerk


CC: Newton Planning Department


Dear Mayor and Councilors of Newton:


Would you please let us know your response to recommendations of the TEPP traffic report that you received on April 9, 2019?


In our opinion, the City needs to impose a moratorium on big construction projects in the city, like Northland, LDS Church, Riverside, etc., until  the comprehensive and holistic analysis of the resulting traffic problems is available.


Dear Mr. Olson:

could you please forward this email to any relevant City Department (for example, Transportation) I have missed.


Vitaly Feldman,

OHNO! (Oak Hill Neighborhood Organization)

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