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What is UMASS policy on "Carlson AVE Woods"?

Will UMASS (Amherst) and  the City of Newton unite and buy back the 5.6 acres of Carlson Woods that Mount Ida College sold to Church of LDS ?

Four UMass execs hosted the event led by the school’s chancellor, Kumble R. Subbaswamy.  In the audience, EVERY area of our village was represented; we had neighbors from Baldpate Hill Road, Brookline Street, Nahanton apartments and of course, Oak Hill Park too. The Mayor sent her Chief Operating Officer and her Director of Community Engagement. Our State representative, Ruth Balser was in attendance and our local councilperson, Cheryl Lapin contributed to the conversation and answered questions from the audience.

Chancellor Subbaswamy spoke about the school’s on-going commitment to the environment, their love of trees and their interest in maintaining the 74 acre-campus as a leafy, green environment for their students and the neighborhood.


On a practical note, he explained the process they must follow if they were to make any changes to the facility or the property: a Board of Trustees, Board of Governors and the State Legislature all have the authority to weigh in on any changes, plus the City of Newton too.


Chancellor Subbaswamy indicated they would be meeting with the LDS Church soon as the Church, like our group, will be their neighbors too.


Kathleen Kouril Grieser from the Newton Village Alliance asked if, when they meet with the Church, would they discuss buying the Church’s land? That question, understandably, was not answered directly but it is one of the most pressing concerns ‘we’ have as a neighborhood, particularly concerning increased traffic congestion.

The fight to

Save Carlson Ave Woods

Neighbor Quotes

This is some of what neighbors write to us when they sign up to this website

"Please save the beautiful, natural woods behind my house on Wiswall Road - I have enjoyed these woods thru all seasons during my 65 years of living here - I don't want to lose it now in the twilight of my years - I beg of you to not do this thing ! It is selfish and cruel to destroy the beauty of this land! Please let me know what I can do to stop this action! Thank you."

Neighbor at Wiswall Rd

"I am already on the email list but keep us abreast of developments. Saving this parcel as well as any other land, residential or commercial from overdevelopment is important to us to preserve Oak Hill Park's character. This includes the destruction of trees, green space and air space through overdevelopment. Thank you for organizing this effort."

Neighbor at Kappius Path

"Let’s save Carlson woods- enough with all this development!!"

Neighbor at Rosalie Rd 

"It’s like the Pine Manor approach... they sell off the land."

Neighbor at Peregrine Rd

"Let us know exactly what is the proposal and what we can do to stop it."

Neighbor at Appleton Circle

"Agree! Let's find a constructive approach to save our beloved wood lands!"

Neighbor at Dorothy Rd

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