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The first, official meeting of the UMass Council was held on Tue, Jan 22  2019 

                    On Campus – Shaw Hall in the Solarium

UMass Council members:

Karen Kennedy, Neighborhood

Pamela Burton, Neighborhood

Marvin Fox, Neighborhood 

Jay Hirsh, of Jumbo Capital Management, Wells Avenue Office Park

Barney Heath, Planning and Development department, Newton Government

Cheryl Lappin, Ward 8 City Councilor, Newton Government

Stephen Goodwin, Deputy Chancellor, UMass at Mt. Ida

Tony Maroulis, executive director of External Relations and University Events, UMass at Mt. Ida

UMass meeting notes:

1. The cafeteria is open to all, $6 per pound.  Hours: M-F 7am to 10pm     Sat/Sun 10am—8pm

2. Construction: Only internal renovations planned at this time

3. Transportation and Traffic:  Not enough students yet to mandate shuttle busses

4.  Residents complained of vendors’ trucks cutting thru Nahanton Condos – Steve Reynolds (UMass) will look into this as well as shared plowing costs with Nahanton Woods

5. Library: Exploring the Minuteman system so books might be picked up at UMass

6. Continuing Ed may be offered to Newton residents when there is a full schedule of classes

The meeting of the UMass Council was held on Tue, Jun 4 2019 

                    On Campus – Shaw Hall in the Solarium

UMass meeting notes:

  • UMass has decided to expand the Vet Tech undergrad program that was originally offered by Mt. Ida – perhaps vet services available to the public at some later date.

  • Students from UMass Amherst’s Historic Preservation discipline will be using the Mt. Ida campus to take advantage of local, historical preservation projects

  • Summer programs for coding and entrepreneurship may become available to residents

  • The internship coordinator is working closely with Newton businesses to find local opportunities for students

  • There are not enough students yet to require shuttle busses, however, UMass and Wells Ave. administrators are in discussion about a shared shuttle system that may be accessed by residents

  • There will be sporting events held on campus this summer – fields leased to local schools from 3pm-7:30pm

  • UMass is not currently expected to need overflow parking from the Church of LDS parking lot

    • There is and never was any written agreement inherited by UMass from the Mt Ida college on the matter​

    • UMass is not interested in using the oral agreement on  the overflow parking  they have with the LDS Church and does need the overflow parking now

    • UMass is not willing to commit in long term since in 5 years number of students on Mt Ida could reach 800

  • Discussion about opening the gate to Nahanton Road as a second exit out of Carlson Ave and the UMass campus on Sundays.  

    • The Nahanton Woods Condo Association owns that road, so the discussion must continue with the condo’s Board of Trustees.

    • While the Carlson Ave. neighborhood would love to have the exit opened, the Condo Association might prefer not to, since Sundays are family days, and they would not welcome using their driveway for the going-through traffic. 

  • Concerns regarding the new design of the Carlson/Dedham/Brookline intersection … the Planning Dept. agreed to pass along these concerns to the Transportation Dept.

    • the curb cut,

    • the turning radius from Dedham onto Carlson,

    • absence of the street lights,

    • the blinking yellow light (get rid of) and

    • no yellow stripe on the road  (people coming out of the college are often in the wrong lane since there is no delineage)

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