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Three Simple Ways to Get Involved, Save the Woods

1.- Sign up to keep in touch (we don't share emails or any other personal information) 

2.- Help us strengthen our team by connecting us with neighbors or friends that can help us with specific professional skills we need (we are all volunteers)

3.- Download any of the issue-based materials below and send out by email to your neighbors, the Mayor, the President of Mt Ida College, and/or the media of your choice

1. Sign Up!

Leave us your contact info, and tell us if you'd like to become involved.

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2. Connect us with that awesome person you know is perfect for helping us save the Woods!

Save Carlson Ave. Woods is an all volunteer force.  Can you connect us with a neighbor or friends that could be interested in helping our cause with his/her skills?  We'd be grateful if you could let us know who that is through the Sign Up form above, or via email by clicking on any of the professional titles underlined below.

Avatar 99

Track Record in Litigation

Avatar 74

Grading, Drainage, Water Management

Avatar 45

Experience with Green NGOs

Avatar 50

Understands design of cities, zoning & roads

Avatar 19

Experience in Local and State Politics

Avatar 77

Kid You Know Wants to Change the World

Avatar 38

That millennial digital artist 

Avatar 38

Family Member Always Holding a Camera

3. Download and Send!

Please download these materials below and distribute among your neighbors.

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